Games Written by the Author and Users of the Tutorial

Games By The Author

Here is a sampling of QB64 games I wrote over the years. Each game is contained in a ZIP file that you can download. Place the files in the ZIP file in your QB64 folder, load the .BAS file and have fun. Click on the pictures to start the download. The source code is free to modify as you choose. If you make any modifications be sure to share them on the QB64 Forum!

If you prefer you can download all of the games in one ZIP file named here (currently 160MB).

This was the third game I wrote back in 2011 using my sprite library. Yes, this thing is written using sprites, not vector graphics! I look back at my early games and laugh at all the strange code I created. We all have to start somewhere. In 2020 I made a new version called Widescreen Asteroids (see below) that incorporates a true vector graphics engine of my own design. This version is still fun though and a gives a good look at another beginner's code to game programming.

When I was a teacher this is one of the first games we would write in class. Use the yellow block to capture green blocks while avoiding red blocks. A good exercise in collision detection.

Once we covered lessons on game math and rotation it was time to revisit Bad Box and make a bullet hell shooter. Shoot the red rotating boxes while avoiding to shoot the green ones. When a green box hits you it powers you up. The game gets very intense the longer you play!

I wrote this game specifically for the game tutorial. You must land the stricken Falcon 9 stage 1 booster on the awaiting floating barge. The game has a 1:30 cinematic intro sequence that explains the events that lead up to you having to land manually. The code outlines an easy way to add an intro sequence to your games and how simple vector math can be used to achieve believable game physics. Will you get praised or canned by Elon? The company's profits are in your hands!

This game was written in 2014 right after the Flappy Bird craze hit cell phones. Some of the links in the game no longer work due to the web site having been non-existent for years. Otherwise it plays pretty much like the original.

A text based version of the classic Hang Man game. Before the students could venture into graphics they needed to know how to write a game in Screen 0. The program comes with a dictionary of over 4000 words chosen from.

Back in 2013 I wrote a clone of the classic Mine Sweeper game by Microsoft since Windows 7 no longer included it. It has three skill levels and unlike the original plays a catchy tune in the background while you play. The floodfill algorithm in the code was quite difficult to write. I had no idea Mine Sweeper would be such a challenge to create.

Ah, the good old TV classic from the 70's. This was another game we would write in the game programming class. It emulates the classic PONG games perfectly, even down to the number of scan lines the old TV screens were capable of.

Back in 2013 I started working on a Pac-Man clone but never finished it. While updating the tutorial I found that code and decided to give it another shot. A few months later and this is the result. It's not a 100% clone of the game but it's the closest you are going to get without running arcade ROMs in something like MAME. There are options to change the number of lives, screen size, extra life value, and so on. This version supports two player as well. Have fun! Waaka...Waaka...Waaka...

One of my favorite games from 1980 in the arcade was Berzerk. I set out to clone this game as best I could. It even includes the robot voices, "Coin detected in pocket", and the maze generator creates the exact same mazes as the original coin operated game. Watch out for Evil Otto!

If you're a child of the 70's and early 80's you'll remember Simon. Simon plays a tune and then you have to play it back. The program clones the original Milton Bradley game perfectly. The buttons and switches on the front can be changed to modify game play just like the original. It will even remember your best score in the form of the tune you had to memorize.

I don't know any game programmer that has not attempted to recreate the iconic Space Invaders. Here is my attempt that I wrote back in 2011. I believe this was the second game I wrote in QB64, right after Super Mega-Bug below. I created a sprite library for use with QB64 and this was one of the games I created to test the library out. The library is included, without it you would not be able to compile the game.

I was not happy with the 2011 version of Space Invaders so in 2013 I attempted to write the game and clone it as close as possible. I never released the game because of bugs however. While updating the tutorial I rediscovered the code and finished it. This is the result. It's as close to the real arcade machine as you can get without actually running the ROMs in something like MAME. This version supports true two player play and a host of other options to choose from.

I grew up with Radio Shack Tandy computers and one of my favorite games was Mega-Bug by Steve Bjork. This was the very first game I wrote in QB64 back in 2010. Back then QB64 supported MIDI sound files. They no longer work but the game still plays. It may crash the first time you try to run it. Just try again and it should go. I really need to update this classic when I find time. The programming is quite primitive as it was my first attempt at a game in QB64.

I wrote an asteroids game for QB64 in 2011 but I was not ever really happy with it. So I decided to write my own vector graphics engine, incorporate some new features, and add elements I thought the original Asteroids could benefit from. The result is Wide-Screen Asteroids and it's a blast to play. A drop down menu allows many different ways to modify and enhance the game play. I wrote this in 2020 during the pandemic lock down.

Games By Tutorial Users and Forum Members

If you would like to have your game showcased here either email it to me ( quickbasic64 (at) gmail (dot) com ) or put it on the QB64 PE forum and contact me there ( user name TerryRitchie ). You must be willing to have your source code included for others to learn from.

By Phil Taylor (PhilOfPerth)
In the usual word-swap game you repeatedly change one letter of a word for a different one, creating a new word, until the final word is produced. But in Alchemy you have another tool available to you for the task. You can also add or remove a letter, before re-arranging them, so the length of the word may vary as you progress (to max 9 letters). Another nice text based brain teaser brought to you by PhilOfPerth.

By Pete (Graphics and sound intro by TheBOB)
This program was made for a competition to design a game using only one key. You control the ship with just the ALT key. Even with just one key to control the game it gets fairly intuitive quickly. This is an excellent example of a text based game written in QB64. Pete and TheBOB are well known for writing excellent code. A look through the source code is time well spent.

By bplus and Johnno
An excellent recreation of Battleship in QB64! Great graphics, animation, and sound effects are all included in this classic. See the text file named "New Players Instructions" for information about the game. Very well done game.

by MasterGy
You race around a 3D world in either a car or plane chasing down a ball to be the first to bring it to a goal. You won't believe this was written in QB64! It's fast and furious! I played for about 10 minutes and was just starting to get the hang of it. The terrain and physics reminded me a lot of Microsoft's Monster Truck Madness.

By bplus (with help finding game assets by Johnno)
Another outstanding game by bplus! Animation, background casino sounds, and voice prompts. This is an extremely well written and fun game to play. If you remember the Sierra casino games from the 80's and early 90's this will bring back memories. This game plays every bit as well. Awesome game!

By Phil Taylor (PhilOfPerth)
Cobble is a word building game for up to 4 players. Players cobble words together with letter tiles drawn from a bag. Players then take turn creating words for points. Another nice text based game written by Phil Taylor.

by MasterGy
Here's a game written using QB64's MapTriangle command to create a creepy 3D world that you can explore. But beware, there are evil spiders lurking around to get you! MasterGy is the resident QB64 3D genius and this game does not disappoint. The game play and atmosphere is creepy as hell ... I love it!

By Cliff Davies (RokCoder)
Classic coin-op gamers rejoice! Galaga has been written for QB64! Controlling a starship, the player is tasked with destroying the Galaga forces in each stage while avoiding enemies and projectiles. Some enemies can capture a player's ship via a tractor beam, which can be rescued to transform the player into a "dual fighter" with additional firepower. RokCoder's QB64 remake is spot on. You'll feel like you're a kid again standing in front of an arcade cabinet with a pocket full of quarters. The first four bonus wave levels have been implemented with plans to include more. Another awesome example of source code well worth looking into. Visit RokCoder's GitHub for future updates.

By Donald L. Foster Jr. (visit his dedicated section in the forum)
Goblin's Gold is a 2 to 4 player abstract strategy board game with some luck and memory. The object of the game is to get the Wizard back to your corner of the board first. The Wizard is placed in the center of a maze that has invisible walls. Each player, in turn, maneuvers the Wizard through the maze one step at a time. Once a player encounters a wall, that wall will appear and play goes to the next player trying to maneuver the Wizard back to their corner from that position on the maze. This game uses no external sound or graphics files. An excellent example of a game in QB64. Read more about it here.

By bplus
Yet another awesome game courtesy of bplus. It's Minesweeper but with a hexagonal twist! Great graphics, sound, and animations. The animation when you lose is really cool. You may want to lose on purpose the first time.

by MasterGy
This isn't really a full fledged game. You run around dodging moving bricks to collect 10 dollar signs. The reason it's included here is because the source code is only 19K in size! If you want to learn the 3D MapTriangle aspects of QB64 then a good place to start is by examining the source code to this game.

By Cliff Davies (RokCoder)
Correctly solving a nonogram puzzle reveals a hidden work of art which you can also use to help confirm that you are on the correct path as you solve. Clues for each row are at the left of the puzzle and clues for the columns are at the top. Rows or columns with only a single number clue reveal that there are that many consecutive shaded squares somewhere in that row or column while other squares must be empty. Perform a Google search for 'Hanjie' for a complete understanding of the game. This is Cliff's first QB64 game! The code is well worth having a look through. I look forward to more games from Cliff. Excellent game!

By Donald L. Foster Jr.
A two player game using ten square pieces per player, each with an arrow on it showing the direction in which movement is allowed. The objective is to win by taking all your opponents pieces by landing on them. During your turn you may either move one piece 1 or 2 spaces forward in the direction the arrow shows, rotate one piece by 1 or 2 points, or make a combination moves consisting of rotating 1 point and then moving 1 space (or move 1 space and then rotate 1 point). This game uses no external sound or graphics files. An excellent example of a game in QB64. Read more about it here (with a video).

By Dav
Rotate the pipes so when connected the blue water can flow through all of them. Each time you do this you move onto the next more challenging level. Activate your inner Mario and make it through all the levels!

By Phil Taylor (PhilOfPerth)
Phil has updated his Recall game to version 2, now with graphics! One to four players attempt to find hidden images in a chosen grid size from 1 to 4. Players take turns selecting two tiles from the grid attempting to find a match. If a match is found the player scores points and tries again. A record is kept of the best score for single players.

By Cliff Davies (RokCoder)
RokCoder has done it again! Another great 1980's coin-op reproduction. The player controls a futuristic jet aircraft and has to guide it across a scrolling terrain, battling obstacles along the way. The jet is armed with a forward-firing weapon and bombs; each weapon has its own button. The player must avoid colliding with the terrain and other enemies, while simultaneously maintaining its limited fuel supply which diminishes over time. More fuel can be acquired by destroying fuel tanks in the game. This is an excellent example of a side-scrolling game implemented in QB64.

By Pete (cards from TheBOB)
Place your bets! Can't get to Vegas? Who needs Vegas when you have Pete's outstanding slot machine poker game at your fingertips to compile? Excellent graphics and game play. I haven't had fun losing this much money since I got married!

By bplus
Get into the holiday spirit with a game of Christmas themed Sudoku. Sudoku is a logic based number placement puzzle. I have no idea how to play Sudoku but this game may give me a reason to learn. Another great game courtesy of bplus.

More Games Written in QB64

The following games are from past forum members and others that created a game(s) in QB64. If you are the author of any of these games and wish to have the game removed from this list please let me know and I will remove it immediately. My email address is located at the bottom of every page in this tutorial.

by Guy Berthiaume
It's minesweeper with a military twist! Choose between three difficulty levels and two versions of play. The first version is traditional minesweeper. The second version however puts you up against the clock as a column of troops and vehicles are headed for the mine field. You need to clear the mines in time to save the troops and vehicles. A very well written and fun version of minesweeper.

by Ashish Kushwaha
If you have an itchy trigger finger and hate birds then this game is for you! Take aim and shoot down the little poop monsters with a vengeance. Nintendo's Duck Hunt was never this much fun.
Note: I had to modify the code slightly to get it to compile. The modifications are noted at the top of the source code.

by Fellippe Heitor
Here's a puzzle game to enlighten you. The object is to turn all the lights on by selecting adjacent lights. Make sure to view the help when you first start the game to understand what that means. It's a fiendishly simple game and concept but really makes you think as you try to turn those darn lights on! Another excellent and beautiful game by Fellippe.

by Richard Notley
People have been puzzled by Rubik's Cube for over 40 years now. This is an amazing computer adaptation of this toy puzzle written in QB64. You can rotate the individual planes or the entire cube. Give up? Then press the F4 key to watch it be solved.

by Fellippe Heitor
Here's a space shooter written in text mode! The game starts by asking you to select your controller and it automatically detects any controllers you currently have connected. If you have no controller the keyboard can be used as well. It's fun, fast paced, and darned hard too. Well written. Another Fellippe classic.

By Unknown (if you are the author please contact me)
Back in the 90's bullet hell games were all the rage. StereoSpace recreates the mayhem we all enjoyed back then. Use your mouse to dodge the unbelievable amount of bullets heading your way. Grab power-ups to increase your firepower and use the right mouse button for that special weapon at your disposal (wink).

by Fellippe Heitor
This is one of the most unique games written in QB64. You need to get three rings in a row on a 3 x 3 grid based on color and size. It's one of the few games written in QB64 that I personally have spent many hours playing. It's fun, the music and sounds are spot on, and the challenge of getting ever higher scores is always on your mind. An excellent game to play and learn from.